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Rotary Computer Engraving

A range of computer controlled rotary engrave machines are utilised to provide an accurate and efficient service for a wide selection of products. Customer information can be directly imported into the equipment program to ensure accurate replication with minimal programming time.



Laser Computer Engraving

Laser Engraving has provided a useful alternative to some forms of rotary engraving and added elements of other processes including screen printing and surface etching.

The laser beam can fuse Images, Text, Pictures or Patterns onto many surfaces provising a permanent finish that has an attractive and High Quality finish

Many materials, including plastics, rubbers, wood and cork can be profiled in shape to a high level of accuracy without leaving any burrs or rough edges.

Specific information can be added to equipment to provide a secure, visible and permanent mark to prevent theft.

SIRS utilise the latest IT equipment and software to ensure that images or files can be uploaded through our website or sent by email and transferred directly into our computer controlled equipment to ensure we obtain an exact replica of your requirements at minimum cost - without the need for expensive re-drafting or alteration.



Manual Engraving

Manual Engraving accounts for 50% of all work completed by SIRS.  Many engraving applications require specific attention that can only be provided with the use of a traditional 'Pantograph' style engrave machine.

For applications where low volume, detailed work is required on products that are often compex in shape, the manual engraving processes continue to apply.

Working with materials from Plastic to Metal, Castings to Sheet Panels or Mould Inserts on curved surfaces to the Serialisation of High Quality Titanium bike components - Manual Engraving continues to be the No. 1 choice for Price, Speed, Quality and Accuracy.






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